Promote yourself or your business with personalized and professional email addresses. 

CRS provides full-featured email solutions that include a range of features including Web Mail, POP, SMTP and domain registrations. Establish a professional appearance and let customers know that you are part of the same team within a company. Business email builds credibility with clients, colleagues, and customers and gives your company a more professional, consistent image.

Personal Email
Personal Solution - No more unprofessional looking emails using someone else's domain ~! Get personalized emails that are great for individuals, families, & friends.

100 MB of Email Space
5 Email Accounts



Small Business Email
Get Focused - Even without a website you can establish a professional presence with your own business email! This flexible and inexpensive solution allows you to access your accounts on the road and maintain efficient communications within your company.

200 MB of Email Space
12 Email Accounts
Email Forwarding, Aliases, and Mailing List



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Executive Email
In Demand - For businesses that rely on communication throughout the organization. Keep all the members of your team in touch with this complete email solution. Security, protection, and reliability along with many unlimited features make this solution the choice for fast moving and expanding businesses that live in an ever changing world.

400 MB of Email Space
24 Email Accounts
Multiple Mailing Lists
Unlimited Email Forwarding, Aliases, and Auto responders
Spam Protection


Set-up fees may apply
* Web-mail is included with Executive account only


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